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Cat Behavior and Training
One of my cats is quite difficult behavior wise, on a good day you can actually pet her and to get her nails trimmed she has to go to the vet where the vet and the vet tech have to hold her down and even then its a major blow out and sometimes they can't even trim all of her nails because she fights so much.

Needless to say I can't do anything with her, this includes brushing and now she has mats. Aside from bringing her to a groomer or vet to get her hair brushed does anyone know of any over the counter sedative that would work so that I can effectively brush her?

This cat is one of five. I adopted her this fall, she had been previously returned to the Humane Society for behavior issues which they didn't tell me until my vet recognized her as a return. I don't want to get rid of her since she's already been returned once and she's quite happy here with me as long as nobody touches her.

Does anyone know what I can do? or a sedative-calming type tablet that I can give her?
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How exactly do I get a cat to stop doing "bad" things?

He does a lot of stuff that we'd like him to quit at but we're not quite sure how, he's not being very responsive. He's an absolute monster, he: climbs the curtains, jumps on the kitchen counters, scratches furniture, walks all over the tables, tries to eat the plants, always grabs food from plates, etc etc etc... We've tried spritzing him with a water bottle but he just does not care. He just gives this angry look, runs off, and then comes right back and does it again. Or at least, waits until we catch him, lol. He's a darling, really, but his curiosity and fun-loving streak is wrecking the house/my dinnertime. 

Any help would be much appreciated. :(

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I'm hoping someone can give me some advice on some inappropriate scratching behavior.

Teddy is a 7 year old neutered male. He and my other cat, Ida were adopted together when they were around a year old.
He was the shelter 'bad boy' so I knew he was going to be a challenge. (He's very active, loves attention, and is very affectionate most of the time). Ida is friendly, but more sedate and self-contained.
Teddy has lots of quirks but there are two habits which I'd like to get him to stop.

I have large rope and sisal scratching posts as well as horizontal cardboard scratchers in every room. Ida is very good about using them, Teddy not so much. He will use them, but he much prefers to pull on the carpeting. Not random carpeting but right next to the scratchers. I've tried rubbing the scratchers with cat nip, but he really prefers the carpet. If I scratch on a post/scratcher he will sometimes move to it, but most times he just keeps right on pulling the carpet. Praise for correct behavior, water squirt for incorrect behavior has no effect (except to make him hiss at me). Any thoughts on getting him to stop trashing to carpet.

The second issue is that he gets too rough with Ida. She likes to play with him, but he gets overstimulated and just overwhelms her. About half the time I can distract or scold him away from her, but often he seems oblivious to her hissing at him or trying to run away. He has on occasion redirected his aggression toward me and I've ended up with some nice scratches. I have feliway plug ins, and he has gotten better over the years, but I came home from work last week and found tufts of Ida's fur all over the place. He has never injured her, but I'm afraid that he may do so accidentally. Your suggestions would be appreciated.

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Hello, I am new to this community and to LJ in general.

So what you need to know about my kitty who I will be living with Starting Thursday (has been mine for longer but due to living situations I couldn't take her at the beginning of June)

3 yrs old
Black Domestic Medium Hair
Is leash trained
Is a bush deweller

Her issues:
1. Doesn't like the Outdoors
2. Has a phobia of Wind/fast moving air (took a 2 hour car ride in a couch on the express way.... did run off because of number 1)
3. Doesn't trust/like humans (was really only bonded to my friend's mother)
4. Pees on cloths left on the ground, and on cat beds (doesn't have a UTI and is healthy)

What is currently up:
Thursday August 11th (2011) I am heading up to school/my apartment, she is coming with me and my two gerbils on a 10-11 hour car ride. She will be in a small dog kennel with a medium size litter box and a place to sleep, planning on covering up most of the cage to help her relax.
Bought some canned Innova cat food for her to try and get her to eat/drink.
Also bought a Calming collar to place on her sometime this week and and to leave on her while we are getting my things into my apartment and hopefully less stressful.

I was thinking of maybe bring her out on her leash depending on where we stopped to let her stretch her legs a bit, since she doesn't enjoy the outside I am not sure though. When I get up to my apartment I know I'm going to bring her out side a bit more and get her to come over her fears a bit more.

I have a clicker and healthy treats that I am going to try and show her first that people bring good things in when they are in my apartment (having them giver her treats when she is out with everyone.)

Anyone have suggestions on how to get her to calm a bit more?

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hi all -

i'm new to this community and would like some help.

i have 2 8-year-old female cats (sisters, one tortie and one sealpoint mix). they are indoor and sadly declawed (front only). they are VERY spoiled (of course!) and have had minimal interaction with other animals.

i just moved in with my boyfriend, 2 bedroom 1 bath house. he's got a 5-year-old purebred dalmation, also very spoiled and sadly untrained. being a dal, she's super hyper and LOUD.

we have pretty much divided the house, the cats have the bedrooms and bathroom and the dog has the living room, kitchen and backyard. the divider is one of those tall babygate things that humans can walk through with a little latchable door at the bottom for the cats.

we removed the dog and moved the cats in, and they had free reign of the house for about a week (minus backyard), with the gate in place. then we moved the dog back in, it's been about 4 days.

of course the kitties have been hiding. the dog is curious. in their few interactions, the dog chases them into hiding, and the cats hiss at the dog through the door. they avoid passing by the gate because they know they will see said dog. they have gotten slowly better, venturing out from under the bed, etc.

soooooo i guess i'm wondering how the heck to get them socialized without permanent (mental and physical) damage.

we are going to try to crate the dog and let the cats sniff. since moving the dog back in, the cats have stopped using the little door in the gate because usually the dog is standing there whining. i think they're ready... what do i do? has anyone had experience with this? i'm tired of dividing my time between the halves of the house... and worrying that my cats think i betrayed them... and feeling bad for the dog... and obsessing on all of this!

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x-posting from dogsintraining

I have a foster kitten who is about 11 weeks old. He's adorable, very social, loves other cats and dogs. The problem is that he is a resource guarder.

The cats (my cat, my mom's cat, and the kitten) all eat out of a communal bowl that is available all the time, and then they get a can of wet food divided between the three of them at night. Whenever I refill the bowl, all three of them come running to eat. If the kitten gets there first, he holds on to the opposite side of the bowl with his paws, covers it with his body, and growls.

Any suggestions on curbing this behavior? It's not really something I want to send him out into the world with, if I can help it. I appreciate any tips. :)
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Nothing is working!! I'm so, so discouraged.

I am going to try placing her crate in the bathroom. When she scratches I will get up and place her in the crate. I'm just sad it has to come to her howling for the next few days before she quits scratching (hopefully).

Anyone had success with crates?
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We live in a rental home. Our 1 year old cat scratches at the carpet at whatever time in the morning she feels like it. 2am? 3am? 6am? There is no consistency to it. She WILL NOT stop scratching until someone comes out of the bedroom and stays out of the bedroom.

Things you should know about this cat:

Tape is fun, not scary at all.
Foil tastes delicious and shiny.
Water is only temporary (5 min later is the perfect time to try again).
Yelling/noise just makes her more curious.
There are 3 scratching post and 4 beds in our main room.
She can't sleep in the bedroom because we have a bird and snake.
She has another cat companion that gets along with her fine.
Letting the dog out when she scratches is only temporary entertainment.

Help, our carpet is getting ruined! Me and my significant other haven't woken up together in months!
Two options we are going to try: vaccuum, pepper, then bitter apple.

Any suggestions for our specific situation? She is one tough cookie to train.

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A CPDT in Seattle is helping the Seattle Humane Society place cats in homes by offering kitten training classes, or kitten kindergarten!

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My cat is ruining my life. He's chewing and swallowing anything remotely string like. Hair bands, head bands, BRA STRAPS, hoodie strings, etc. This has got to stop. I know you can spray a deterrant on objects you don't want cats to eat, but 1/2 of those things include my own clothes! I don't want to go around smelling like cayenne pepper just because my cat is a little $@&*(. Advice? He also knocks over trash cans when I'm gone. Clearly he's bored, but playing with him more hasn't helped either problem. Help!!
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